29 Of The World's Dumbest People, All In One Place

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How are these people even alive?

I'm warning you: you will absolutely not believe how stupid your fellow humans can be. Most people think they have a strong grasp on the collective stupidity of humanity, and then something happens that completely blows their mind and sets the bar for stupidity even lower. Something in this list will definitely make you have that bar-dropping experience. Back in the old days, you had to wander out into public and speak to (or at least listen to) other humans to experience awe-inspiring stupidity. Lucky for us, we're in the age of social media, and that means a non-stop buffet of people's innermost thoughts and feelings. What joy! You would think we, as a society, would use this miracle of technology to foster world peace and a global "getting to know you" type of human situation. Nope. We use it to ask things like "if you have triplets, are you pregnant for 27 months." Yep. Not making that one up I've gone to the trouble of collecting some of the funniest examples of people who were just completely failed by our education system. I guarantee you'll laugh at this, even if it's just to avoid crying. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be over here trying to find a way to jump off of the planet. Get Started